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Monday, May 21, 2012

My "Bout of Books" Read-a-thon Wrap Up!

The read-a-thon with Bout of Books is now over!
I really did enjoy myself - it was SO much fun! I'm really sorry I didn't get to comment as much as I wanted to due to all the family stuff that had been going on since Thursday, but I feel that I did the best that I could in participation and reading... I'm hoping for next time I won't have any distractions aka family events, lol! and feel that I will definitely be more prepared to set aside some reading time and concentrate solely on one book at a time from my set list :)
This week I managed to read one young adult book, 1 adult book, 1 middle grade book, a few short stories and a prequel - not too bad for me! And that is not including the few books that I read the first fe chapters to just so I can get a feel for what I'll be reading in the near future ;) 
... I'm trying really hard not to compare myself to those who were able to read 5 or more novels, lol! 

It was so wonderful to chat with a few participants and have now added a few more inspiring bloggers to my follow list :) 

And a big thank you to all who hosted and organized everything! 
It was exactly what I had expected it to be and I cannot wait to do it again :)

PS, posted below, you can see what my goals were and my updates throughout the week!!!


Hi there :) Guess what??? I have decided to do my first read-a-thon with Bout of Books!!! 

Bouts of Books Blog

Bout of Books is a week long read-a-thon from Monday 5/14th to 5/20th. 
It's a week were we are determined to push ourselves to read as much as we can at our own pace! 

My (updated 5/16th) goals for the week are... 
- I really want to be able to read more than 2/3 books in a week! I tend to procrastinate in-between books, never able to just choose my next book quickly enough, lol! I'm hoping that with this list, I will stick with it and get through all of them (or at least 4/5 of them) so I can put a good dent in my current TBR :)
- I hope to post my updates daily!
- And I also hope to comment as much as I can on fellow read-a-thoners too! We can all use some encouragement this week :)
- Also hoping to stay off the internet a bit more... Pinterest? Twitter? Oh my, they are so evil, ha!

The Books I hope to read are...
Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon... finished on 5/15th 
Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout (re-read)... finished on 5/16th 
Daimon, The Prequel to Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout... finished on 5/16th
- Someone Else, Somewhere Else by Jenelle Jack Pierre (short story)... read on 5/17th
Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates... finished on 5/20th
The Taker by Alma Katsu... read up to page 57
Can I Get An Amen? by Sarah Healy (for review)... up to page 28
Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions by Numerous Authors... up to page 132
- The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen by Andrea Cefalo... up to page 31
The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (finish reading) X
Gilt by Katherine Longshore (for review) X

And here are my updates for the week: 

Number of books I've read today: 1/2 of one book :(  Only 162pages.
Total number of books I've read: 0
Books: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm thinking... that I should have gone with smaller books ;) I'm not complaining though... being called Kitten is pretty awesome, hee hee! 

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books I've read: 1
Books: Read Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon
- read 28 pages of Enthralled: Giovanni's Farewell by Claudia Gray
- read 36 pages of Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

I'm thinking... I picked the wrong week to do a book-a-thon, lol! So many distractions and we're having a family event on Saturday and that is all I can think about, and get things read for. I thought I would relax with good reads before then... hoping to do so tomorrow and Thursday. Even so, it was fun to read a middle grade book after my kiddo finished it just to see what he was all excited about - I feel accomplished getting a whole book read in one day, even if it is just a middle grade book :)
Oh, and I'm thinking that I may have to ban myself from Twitter tomorrow too, lol!

Number of books I've read today: 2 1/2
Total number of books I've read: 3
- Finished reading Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
- Read Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
- read pages 29-56 of Enthralled: Scenic Route by Carrie Ryan

I'm thinking... I'm finally getting into a reading-rhythm and feel really accomplished today! Feels so good!
I am also enjoying chatting with all the other read-a-thon-ers! It's been a pleasure to "meet" so many of you!!!
Still reading Enthralled, I'm trying to read a short story per day :)
and will start reading Brownies and Broomsticks tomorrow!

Number of books I've read today: 2 short stories
Total number of books I've read: 3
- Someone Else, Somewhere Else by Jenelle Jack Pierre (short story)
- read pages 57-77 of Enthralled: Red Rum by Kami Garcia

I'm thinking... nothing, lol! I really didn't realize how much I had to do for our family event on Saturday morning! I wish I had the energy to read more...

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total number of books I've read: 3
Books: None :(

I'm thinking... I really failed today. I didn't even have time to read a bedtime story to my kiddos today {yawn!}

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total number of books I've read: 3
- read pages 78 - 106 of Enthralled: Things About Love by Jackson Pearce
- read pages 1-108 of Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates
- read pages 1-57 of The Taker by Alma Katsu
- read pages 1-28 of Can I Get An Amen? by Sarah Healy

I'm thinking... I can't really concentrate when I'm super tired, lol! Today's family event was beautiful! It was over by 2pm and we took a ride to the bookstore and grabbed an early dinner. I tried to relax with a book, but as you can see by my list, I couldn't get dive into one... decisions, decisions, lol!

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books I've read: 4
- finished reading Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates
- read pages 107-132 of Enthralled: Niederwald by Rachel Vincent
- read pages 1-31 of The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen by Andrea Cefalo

I'm thinking... that I should stick with one book at a time, lol! I probably would have finished another book if I did!


  1. Well done for the books read and for all the fun! :)


  2. Great job, Margie! I think you did really well around the interruptions! I'll look forward to your review of the Brownies and Broomsticks one, it sounds interesting :)

    - Angelya
    <a href="http://www.oakenbookcase.com/2012/05/21/bout-books-wrap/>www.oakenbookcase.com</a>

  3. I've always wanted to participate in a read-a-thin. Maybe next time. It looks like you did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well done! I hope I can participate in the next one, it looks really fun! :)

  5. Glad you had a good week. Hope to see you in August at the next Bout-of-Books :)

  6. I also struggle picking out which book to read next! Theres just so many to pick from :)

    Here is my progress post.
    Lauren at Northern Plundder

  7. Well done, gf! Your desire to read more than 2-3 books/week made me giggle... I'm lucky if I read that many in a month - I am such a SLOW reader! I feel like a slacker now, LOL I'm glad to find someone who reads more than one book at a time... I tend to do that, too, and Hubby always questions how I do that. Now I can tell him I'm in good company. :) Happy weekend!


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