Book Review Request Policy

Would you like a book to be reviewed??? 

Dear Authors and Publishers,
As you can hopefully tell by my blog, reading is truly one of my passions and I would love to review your books!!! I am not a professional reviewer, however, I love to read and I love discovering books and authors that I would never have been able to if I did not become a book blogger :)

If you would like me to review a book
please read the following

Genres I love to read: 
- Young Adult: Fairytales and Retellings, Magical Realism Fantasy.
- Children's Picture Books.
- Middle Grade Contemporary with Magical Realism. 
- Adult Contemporary Romance.

*I'm all for helping authors promote their books too :) 
If you would like to do an interview, cover reveal, guest post and/or host a giveaway, 
please include that info too!

Genres NOT Accepted
- Religious/Political
- Erotica 
- Science Fiction
- Thrillers/Horror
- Self-help

My reviews will include
- Book Cover 
- Authors Links (website, facebook, blog, Goodreads, etc.) 
- Book info, blurb, trailer, etc. 
- My review and rating
... which will then be cross-posted to numerous sites (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LibraryThing and Riffle). 

To request a review, please email me at
and please include the following info: 
- Your Name 
- Your Email and/or Contact Info.
- Title of Book(s)
- Genre 
- Publication Date 
- Format
- Author(s) website/blog 

Thank you all for your consideration!!! 

I do not receive any monies for my book reviews! 
Occasionally, I receive books from authors, publishers and other reviewers for no charge for an honest review. 

All reviews are my honest and bumbling opinions from the heart :) 

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