"To find out what a story's really about,' the Librarian said,

'you don't ask the writer. You ask the reader."

- SNOW & ROSE by Emily Winfield Martin

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top Favorites from 2011!!! and Happy New Year!!!

These are books that I have loved reading in 2011, not all were published in 2011, lol! Most are series that I have started and cannot wait to catch up with all the latest release in each one... in no particular order: 

by Maggie Stiefvater

So this first one might surprise some of you since it is a trilogy about
But there is just something about the way Maggie Stiefvater's writing really pulls you into their world. Yes, there is a love story here between Sam and Grace - a very strong bond of commitment and love - but halfway through I started to see that Sam's relationship to Beck was a bit more interesting...
I haven't finished reading Forever yet! I will definitely be reviewing this trilogy in the new year :) 

by Becca Fitzpatrick 

Fallen Angels... a guy named Patch... sigh... need I say more???
I need to catch up and read Silence a.s.a.p!!!
AND before the 4th book is released in the Fall of 2012!!!
Which has yet to be titled :(  So stay tuned ;) 

3. Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros

Ok, so not my typical kind of read, BUT, it is a one of a kind book!
If you're looking for a very simple and very quick read, this is it!
Teresa Medeiros really captured me with her 'tweet-like' writing - I can really see this happening to someone in real life. It's definitely predictable, but sometimes I feel that I need a read like this just to help me relax and not have to figure out what is happening all over the place, lol! If you have an hour or 2 to just veg out, this is your book!

4.  Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate

Another fallen angel series... need I say more, again? hee, hee!
I do have to admit that I loved the first book, but the second book was a bit 'tormenting'...
I was expecting more, and I feel like it was just a 'bunch of stuff' that could have been made into a few chapters rather than a whole book... but I'm a bit behind with this series too!
I'm hoping that Passion will live up to it's title!!!

Aaaaaand!!! Look what's due to be released on 6/12/2012!!!
The last book to the series!!! I am SO looking forward to seeing what happens to Luce and Daniel...
OH! Did I mention that Daniel to me is a blonde version to MY Edward! {swoon!}

5. The Walk by Richard Paul Evans

"One man's unrelenting search for hope."

Evans is one of my all-time favorite authors/writers!!!
He was my first favorite on my list, and will always remain on top!
I have almost all of his books, but have been a bit out of touch with what he's done in 2011...
The first book I ever read of his was The Christmas Box - a definite must read!!!
The Walk is his most recent series... how would you feel if the love of your life was suddenly gone and no matter how much success and money you have, it all means nothing without having your love by your side... I am very much looking forward to reading part 2 in 2012, Miles to Go.

This is all that I have off the top of my head :)
Of course, I could have thrown in the Twilight and Harry Potter series' since I keep re-reading them over and over again - but most of you know me too well and I know that I didn't have to add them in ;)
Besides, who needs any other vamps when you got sparkle-y ones hanging around! lol!

SO, what were your favorite reads from 2011???
Please, share with me! It seems that I have missed out on a lot of good reads this past year!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My "Bumbles and Fairy-tales"

Good day to you!!! 

Welcome to my new and improved book blog, Bumbles and Fairy-tales.

I am a lover of most books and genres, and hope to share my many reads starting in 2012! 
I had originally tried doing this twice last year, but life and other commitments kept geting in the way. This year, with a bit of time-management and prioritizing - I am determined to do the things I love the most! and I hope that you all will join and follow me through my new fairy-tale :) 

Much love to all, and see you in the New Year!!! 

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