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Monday, October 29, 2012

"Buzz-Worthy" Reviews: Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire AND Horrid Henry's Monster Movie by Francesca Simon

by Francesca Simon
Release date: September 1st, 2011
Published by: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Genre: Middle Grade - Humor
Format read: Paperback


"You won't believe what Horrid Henry will do next!
Henry knows that a class sleepover at a museum can only be one thing - BORING!
So he's inviting a few party crashers to liven things up...
Zombie Vampires!!!"

Plus three other stories that will leave you screaming for more. 


Horrid Henry is SO horrid!
Very entertaining and so very funny! Kiddos of all ages will have a ton of fun with Horrid Henry.
Horrid Henry is so mischievous and imaginative - a combination that will surely end in getting into trouble. There is very little that will keep this boy from sharing his thoughts and standing up for what he believes in. 

One of the most unique and entertaining parts of this book was how each character is named by their number one characteristic - Horrid Henry's little brother is Perfect Peter. And some of his classmates are Rude Ralph, Tidy Ted and Moody Margaret. 

In each of the four stories, Horrid Henry tries to break free from the boring world and doesn't hold back in trying to get everyone to see how FUN things could be if they would just listen to him. Although Horrid Henry may not be for everyone, he is the perfect character to introduce to your child as the boy who we all would love to be but shouldn't. A fun character to laugh out loud with and see that even though Horrid Henry may be right, the consequences prove that there are better ways to go about getting what we want. 

These are the perfect books to get beginner chapter readers going! 

by Francesca Simon
Release date: 
Published by: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Genre: Middle Grade - Humor 
Format read: Paperack


"You won't believe what Horrid Henry will do next!
Horrid Henry has found a new way to scare everyone -
his very own monster movie.
The Undead Demon Monster who would NOT die is going be a BIG hit!"

Plus three more monstrous tales that will leave you screaming for more. 


Horrid Henry is at it again! There is nothing that can hold this little guy back from his misadventures.
It is so much fun to get to hang out with Horrid Henry for a little while - he is such a great ball of energy that never rests and always scheming to find a way to get the things he wants the most.
Not exactly the little boy that you would want your child to play with, but, he is the perfect example to learn how to have a little bit of patience and to think before you speak - not every plan is always the best plan.

Definitely a fun read for everyone!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Francesca Simon

Francesca Simon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, grew up in California, and attended both Yale and Oxford Universities, where she specialized in Medieval Studies. How this prepared her to write children's books she cannot imagine, but it did give her a thorough grounding in alliteration.

She then threw away a lucrative career as a medievalist and worked as a freelance journalist, writing for the Sunday Times, Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, and Vogue (US). After her son Joshua was born in 1989, she started writing children's books full time. One of the UK's best-selling children's writers, Francesca has published over 50 books, including the immensely popular HORRID HENRY series, which has now sold over twelve million copies. 

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