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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A "Buzz-Worthy" Review AND GIVEAWAY: Hocus Pocus Hotel by Michael Dahl (MG)

Happy Halloween :)

by Michael Dahl
Release date: August 1st, 2012
Published by: Stone Arch Books/Capstone
Genre: Middle Grade Mystery
Source read: Hardcopy 


"Ever since it was built by the great magician Abracadabra, 
the hotel Tyler Yu lives in has had its share of mysterious events. 
Ghosts wandering the halls, 
a magician who vanishes into thin air - 
Ty can't figure these things out on his own. 
But Charlie Hitchcock, with his photographic memory, 
might just be the partner the school bully needs. 
they'll solve magical mysteries beyond your wildest imagination."


A new favorite series that my kids and I are definitely going to follow! Hocus Pocus Hotel is the first book in a new magical-mystery series created by Michael Dahl for middle graders.

The Hocus Pocus Hotel is actually called The Abracadabra named after the famous magician that built it for magicians to have a place to live, practice and perform their acts. Tyler and his family live and run this hotel - but lately, they have been experiencing some odd disturbances and disappearances and Ty thinks that people are going to stop coming to stay at the hotel because they may think that it is haunted.
Charlie is a smart boy that tries to keep out of trouble. When he receives a note from Ty, he thinks that it is his invitation to finally get a beating of some sort from the school bully. Surprisingly, it was a mandatory invite to meet Ty at the hotel. Ty needs Charlie's smarts and photographic memory to help him figure out the mysterious things that have been happening throughout the hotel. And Charlie is the perfect kid for the job!

There are numerous mysterious to be solved! And with each one, we learn just how magicians do their magic. Charlie and his photographic memory doesn't miss a single clue and it is so much fun to see him unravel the magic tricks through illustrations that he draws to show us exactly how the trick is performed. The perfect read for any kid who loves a little mystery and finally getting to see how magic tricks are really performed!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Michael Dahl 

Michael Dahl is the author of over 100 children's books. Some of his most popular series are Finnegan Zwake, Library of Doom, and Dragonblood. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a haunted house.

He also writes under aliases Chris Carey, Rick Thomas, and Mark Ziegler.


You can enter to win a copy of HOCUS POCUS HOTEL and TROLL HUNTERS 
both by Michael Dahl!
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- giveaway ends November 5th, 2012

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