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Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Tour: Of Blood and Bone by Courtney Cole (Adult Review)

The Mindaldi Legacy - Book One
by Courtney Cole
Release date: September 30th, 2012
Published by: Lakehouse Press
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance (*contains sexual content and language)
Format read: eBook ARC


Luca Minaldi is powerful, rich and mesmerizing. But he is also a reclusive enigma. He lives in Malta, a fairytale-like place filled with sunshine and sea, beauty and secrets. And Luca's darkest of secrets is the best kept of them all. 

Eva Talbot is spending the summer in Malta to finish up her doctoral dissertation. When she meets Luca, a mysterious and handsome shipping magnate, there is an instant attraction. He has a disturbing and beautiful energy that she has never felt before. But she senses the darkness that lives within him. 

Eva is hired to care for his mother, a woman who suffers from dementia, but it is Luca who Eva will eventually risk everything to save. She desperately wants to reach inside of him and fix what is broken, while at the same time, she knows that she is falling for him. Her life becomes a swirling chaos of darkness and romance, of secrets and mystery. And the question that emerges will become the most important answer of all. 

Can she save Luca from the darkness that plagues him without losing herself? 

The answer is a matter of life or death. 


Suspenseful, dark and highly intriguing...
(Definitely NOT YA! This book contains sexual content and language, beware!)

I have to say, I could not put this book down! Courtney Cole really does know how to write a suspenseful turn-paging story. She captured Malta and its fairytale qualities beautifully, her descriptions of this romantic island made me feel like I was there - I can feel the sand in between my toes, smell the salty air and picture the sweet and helpful natives as my neighbors...

Everything about Luca is so mysterious, intriguing and steamy! The moment you meet him you can't help but feel drawn to him and wonder what he's all about, wonder how such an endearing, intelligent and passionate man could have such a dark side.
And, surprisingly, I liked Eva's character as well. She is a strong, smart and independent woman. She is in Malta to complete her work so she can finish getting her Psychology license in Portland. Being in the profession that she is in, it is difficult for her not to figure out people from the moment that she meets them. First impressions really determine the qualities in a person, after all, this is her work. But when she meets Luca, she starts to go through her 'list' and by the end of their first meeting, she is baffled and is determined to follow-up and get a better measure of him soon... of course, it helps that he is gorgeous and so very attractive. But her head is on right and she knows that she does not need a man in her life, although, it would be nice, especially if it was Luca.
The attraction between Luca and Eva is undeniable and understandable. Their first encounter was very sweet and quite funny. However, a few things that take place between them just didn't sit right with me and seemed to be downplayed by Eva. As romantic as some of the scenes between them were, there were a few that were not and her reactions to them took me by surprised. I can understand that she is falling for Luca and is very determined to help him and his "curse", but at what cost???
At times the story was predictable for me, but I thoroughly continued to enjoy the story. There were a few crucial parts that I thought were a bit rushed, but then again, everything still flowed really well and there wasn't anything that was missing.
The ending was perfect! And I wished that the epilogue wasn't included. Even though it still left me in wonderment and highly anticipating the next book, I felt it unnecessary to hear from this particular character again. But it did seal the deal to hate him even more... believe me, you will!

Definitely a great adult read to pick up and spend the afternoon with!
The first in a trilogy, I look forward to seeing whether or not Luca and Eva will be by the end!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Courtney Cole 

Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could.
She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. Every Last Kiss is her debut novel and she followed it with the rest of The Bloodstone Saga (Every Last Kiss, Fated, With My Last Breath and My Tattered Bonds).Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.

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  1. Oooh sounds like a good read! It's on my TBR list now...thanks for the review!


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