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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A "Buzz-Worthy" Review and Giveaway: The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide by Stacey Graham

Happy Halloween :)

by Stacey Graham
Release date: May 1st, 2012 
Published by: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Genre: Middle Grade - Humor
Format read: Paperback


"Ask any girl what the best part of a slumber party or camping trip is and she'll tell you it's the ghost stories. 

This bright, interactive journal is for tweens who are no longer content to watch movies or read about ghosts online, but are ready to jump into the paranormal fray themselves. 

With workbook pages, ghost stories, quizzes, sidebars, and interviews with ghost hunters, this illustrated guidebook gives girls the tools to safely explore the unknown using everyday household items - 
and helps them discover their own strengths using deductive reasoning." 


I adore this book to pieces! And not only because it is the cutest pink/black book I have every seen!

When I was a kid, I was always so curious about ghosts and always wished to use one of those Ouija boards just to see what would happen. Of course, I was always too afraid to actually buy one or use one (just like I am now, lol!) This little book would have been the perfect substitute for it!

This adorable guide, written by a real ghost hunter expert, explains how to go about looking for ghosts in such a simple, fun and non-creepy manner. Yes, I'm sure you will get the chills and be a bit spooked, but it gives you so many cautious tips, I wouldn't worry too much about getting into any trouble - just as long as you don't fall into any of their tricks! Always be cautious and respectful when dealing with things of the unknown.

A few of the ghost stories will make your hair stand on end - this is not for anyone who is sensitive to things of this nature. At times I really felt that this is more of a YA book than for Middle Graders. Again, as cute as the book looks and may seem, you must take it seriously too.

Along with the ghost stories, their are tips, quizzes, how-to's, games and more!
Definitely a creative spooktacular treat!!!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Stacey Graham

Stacey Graham has spent a good part of the last twenty years sitting in dark attics waiting to poke the paranormal and see if it giggles. When not wrestling ghosties, she enjoys reading Jane Austin and writing zombie poetry, humor, and ghost stories. She has been known to fee small armies of Girl Scouts with her granola recipes and is terrified of mice. 

She lives on the tippy top of a mountain outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband and five daughters. 


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  1. So far, the Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson is one of my long-standing favorites! <3
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  2. So cute! This is one I wish was on audio.

  3. That's so weird because I don't think I HAVE heard of this book. Which is, again, very odd, because it sounds like something I might be able to tolerate when it comes to creepy. Darnit, why didn't I snuggle with this one yesterday to get into the spirit of Halloween *shakes head* Instead, I remained in a coma until the nightmare day passed.

  4. Hmm I'm not sure what my favorite is! The only ghost story I can think of that I've read is Anna Dressed in Blood and I loved it : )

  5. I don't think I have read any ghost books lately, the only ones I can think of would be like Casper books to my nieces and nephews lol!

  6. Hmmmm Velveteen my favorite ghost story :) Thanks for the giveaway~~

  7. Anna dressed in blood! Thank you for the chance to enter ;-)


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