"To find out what a story's really about,' the Librarian said,

'you don't ask the writer. You ask the reader."

- SNOW & ROSE by Emily Winfield Martin

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday: The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfords

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by 

This is were we get to 'spotlight' books that we're waiting to be released! The ones that we are dying to get our hands on and read into the wee hours of the night ;) 

I love fairy-tale re-tellings!!! 
The minute I saw this book on Misty's (The Book Rat) "In My Mailbox" this past weekend, 
I instantly knew that this was going to be a book that I am going to want!!! 

The Sweetest Spell
by Suzanne Selfors
(Release Date: 8/21/12)

"Emmeline Thistle has always had a mysterious bond with cows, beginning on the night of her birth, when the local bovines saved the infant cast aside to die in the forest. But Emmeline was unaware that this bond has also given her a magical ability to transform milk into chocolate, a very valuable gift in a kingdom where chocolate is more rare and more precious than gold or jewels. Then one day Owen Oak, a dairyman’s son, teaches Emmeline to churn milk into butter—and instead she creates a delicious chocolate confection that immediately makes her a target for every greedy, power-hungry person in the kingdom of Anglund. Only Owen loves Emmeline for who she truly is, not her magical skill. But is his love enough to save her from the danger all around her?"

Wow! A "re-imagined fairy tale", love and chocolate!!!
What more could a girl want in a book?!?!

Did you figure out which fairy-tale this story is based on???
I have to be honest, my first guess was completely wrong, lol!
It's a classic, most commonly told/read to us when we are really little...
it's one of the first ones that I can remember... one of my favorites...
and one that I have never seen a re-telling for!
Leave your answers below and we'll see how many of you get it right :)

What's your W.O.W. for this week???


  1. ooh, this one sounds really, really good! great pick. :) love the cover!

    My WOW.

  2. Good one! I am definitely adding this book to my TBR list! Thanks for the rec!

    Check out my WOW.

  3. Oooo! This sounds really good!! Added to TBR!! =))
    Happy Reading.

  4. This book does sound interesting. I will have to add it to my TBR shelf.

  5. Darn it, I can't think of the fairytale but I vaguely remember one where someone can spin straw into gold, I think its Rumplestilksin. But the farmer lied about his daughter's ability in that story, so I don't think I'm on the right track.

  6. Ohhhh I hadn't heard of this one yet!! I definitely added this to my TBR :)

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. I'd never heard of this one before, but it sounds very intriguing. Like you said, what can be better than fairytales, love and chocolate?! ;) I'd LOVE to be able to turn milk into chocolate, YUM!

    Great pick, and thanks for stopping by my WoW. Have a great week!

  8. Great choice Margie! This is already on my TBR and it sounds AMAZING. I can't wait to read it either. :)

  9. I'm really excited about this one too! It sounds incredible doesn't it? I got a copy in January and I'm trying to hold off until closer to August to read it. But it is VERY hard to do! hehe Great pick!

  10. Whoa. I can't imagine. That would make it really hard to diet.
    Great pick!

  11. This sounds incredible. I know which fairytale it's based on. ;D I just can't spell it. The cover is lovely and the synopsis is super compelling. I must read. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate? And magic. And cute guys.

  12. This one looks so good! I love the cover! Great pick :)

    Here's my WoW!


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