"To find out what a story's really about,' the Librarian said,

'you don't ask the writer. You ask the reader."

- SNOW & ROSE by Emily Winfield Martin

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Bumble-y Randomness... How "The Bumble Girl" Got Her Name...

Hi there, it's just me, The Bumble Girl, popping on to answer a question that SO many of you have been asking :)  

First, I want to give a HUUUGE shout-out to all of my new followers! 
I am SO very happy to see so many people stopping by, commenting, lurking - 
it truly makes my heart go pitter-patter! 

Some of you know me as The Bumble Girl too and have asked me how I got this name - 
I actually didn't come up with it, my hubs started calling me this after I started my first blog, Oh Bumble Is Me, Margie. 

So where does the BUMBLE come from? 
First, it started with my sister introducing me to scrapbooking and card-making... which then led to us wanting to blog about it. Which meant that I needed a blog name! 
I wanted something really different that reflected my personality, so I asked hubs to help me andtell me how he describes me to people, and here is what he said: 
loving, sweet, thoughtful, dedicated, creative, huge procrastinator (no argument there!)... 
and clumsy... clumsy? lol, thanks so much, darling, for telling people this :) 

Next, the thesaurus came out... creative... sweet... clumsy? 

- To blunder awkwardly. 
- To stumble or stagger. 
- To hum or buzz, like a bee.  

Bumble just kept jumping out at me. It sounded... right. 
- I am clumsy, in so many ways - I do trip over my own feet and bump into things constantly, sometimes even taking out the people around me too, lol! 
- My creativity is always touch and go with many trials and errors, I stumble through it and change gears and ideas all the time! 
- I do adore and love all things with wings: angels, butterflies, faeries... and especially, bumble bees! 
- AND, I hum! All. The. Time. Drives hubs and my kids crazy, especially when I get into a Christmas song loop, lol! 

I named my blog. Started posting. 

Whenever hubs catches me on the computer working on my blogs, he says: 
The Bumble Girl is hard at work again :) 

And this is how I got my name! 

So when it came time to name my book blog, I just knew that I had to keep the 'theme' and that is how Bumbles and Fairy Tales came about. 

Reading and books was and is my first true love! and it's what I am enjoying the most right now - bumbling through books and stumbling through fairy tales - traveling through different worlds and meeting and falling in love with new and different characters!

And, well, it's what I do best - bumble through life's ups and downs -
no other place I'd rather be right now! 
It's so me :) 

If you've made it down this far and read this whole post, I bow to you! 
Thank you so much :) and happy reading!!! 

PS, it's also hubs birthday today!
Happy birthday, sweetheart!!!
Love you muchly :)


  1. Great post. I always wondered about how you came about your name! Thanks for sharing! And yes, I made it through the whole post. :)

  2. Too funny; thanks for sharing the story! Your blog is great and I'm a newer follower lol it is fun to see how bloggers come up with a blog name because some of them out there are pretty creative :))


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