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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: THE LADYBUG GIRL Doll from MerryMakers, Inc.

by MerryMaker's 


Ladybug Girl is the sweetest little thing to come into my home in a very long time. Perfectly made to withstand the hands of time, she will add joy to everyone around her. Whether or not you and your little ones are familiar with her books, she will fit right in and help little imaginations grow and you will both enjoy creating new adventures for Ladybug Girl to carry out and earn her polka-dotted wings. 

MerryMakers Ladybug Girl Doll
Ladybug Girl aka Lulu, is a little girl who loves to put on her ladybug costume and make pretend that she is a superhero. She uses her superhero powers to create new adventures everyday right in her own backyard. All of her books encourage children to use their imagination and creativity for playtime - as long as you put your mind to it, their is no end to having outside fun! And to never be afraid of who you are. Dress up and go with the flow!

This little plushie is the perfect size for a little one to hug and carry around with them; although, her hair is stringy, so I recommend her for kids who no longer put things in their mouth. Even so, she is really well made and endured the hands of my one-year-old who immediately smiled and laughed as soon as he saw her. With a careful curiosity, he was drawn to her beautiful wings and boots - the pattern and color really caught his eye. Without ever being told or shown to do so, he immediately began to make pretend that she was flying and made swooshing noises. Ladybug Girl has made quite a first impression on him.

My older boys are familiar with Lulu's stories and adventures and admired how cute she was and said that even though they were older they were completely sure that their classmates would find Lulu adorable and entertaining. They remember the few toys that they had that were in books when they were smaller and fondly went over sweet memories they had with their books and toys - how the toys enhanced their connection to the story; how they learned to care not only for their toy, but the book too; and how it helped them remember the story, pay closer attention, so they can play with their plushies accordingly. 

I had always liked (and still do) having a stuffed doll to go along with our children's books. Many people think that it is a sales gimmick to get us parents to buy more things. But I wholeheartedly disagree with this. As I mentioned previously, whenever one of my kids showed any interest in a book, especially a child who has had hardly any interest in reading, an interactive tool may be the perfect thing to get your child to try it out. 

It brings me much joy to see so many characters are being brought to life! We adore Ladybuyg Girl from MerryMaker's and I know that we will be adopting a few more as time goes on. I highly recommend these sweet plushies - definitely check them out! 

*A Ladybug Girl Doll was sent to us from MerryMaker's, Inc. for an honest review. 
All thoughts are our own.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY - MerryMakers, Inc.

MerryMakers was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing carefully designed dolls and toys based on the very best children's books, museum collections, and other characters for customers around the world. We handle all stages of product development, from design to the manufacture and delivery of finished products.
In addition to our line of licensed dolls, we make custom products for a wide variety of clients, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, Colonial Willamsburg, and publishers in the US and abroad.

View MerryMaker's current 2014-2015 CATALOG here:
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