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Sunday, June 8, 2014

My day at BEA2014 and Book Haul :)

BEA was wonderful this year!
I decided to keep things easy and light since I was going in by myself for the first time on the train - I had never ridden on a train before, and was a bit nervous. So proud of myself ! Finally taking a step in getting over one of my fears! And getting through the day, on my own, and coming back in one piece! This may be silly to most of you, but this was a really big day for me, in so many ways. I can't stop smiling thinking about it all, lol!

I also took my FIRST cab ride ever!!! AND I hailed it all on my own!!!
*pats self on back*


LOVED seeing Lauren Oliver's ROOMS on their doors, such an awesome welcome sign!
Too bad her line was too long to get a copy... must remember to sign-up for it at the library.

I got to the Javits Center a bit late, about 8:30ish. Which was actually a good thing because I didn't have to wait on any lines to get my badge or check in my bag. But, I did miss out on the majority of the Harlequin Teen Breakfast. I now know how to plan better for next year!
The little bit of the breakfast that I was there for was amazing, saw a lot of familiar bloggers and got to speak to Julie Kagawa, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Adi Alsaid! So happy I was able to talk to the authors I wanted to the most!

After the breakfast, made a quick trip to the loo! Walked by these amazingly HUGE banner ads for Rick Yancy, Scott Westerfeld, Adi Alsaid and Jodi Picoult, and headed up to the main floor...
I walked around in a daze for the first 45 minutes and saw a few things like...

The DK booth! LEGO STAR WARS!!!

And then finally decided to take a peek at my schedule and decided to go to Jennifer Donnelly's signing for DEEP BLUE :) 

While standing on line, I met a lovely woman who owns a bookstore in Alaska! She was the most nicest person I spoke to all day! I wish I had gotten her card to keep in touch... 

After that, I walked around for a bit, visited Harlequin's booth and saw a Fiat for Adi Alsaid's LET'S GET LOST! I wish I could have driven this home rather than taking the crowded train back home!!!

Walked around a bit more, and visited Macmillan's booth and got a peek at RAINBOW ROWELL signing LANDLINE! Her line was ticketed and I was way too late, lol!

Got to see/meet a few bloggers!!!... the best time to chat is when you're standing in a 'signing line' waiting and waiting... These are the only pics I managed to take! I was in awe, I kept forgetting to take a pic with people, lol!

I met Lauren of Love is Not a Triangle :) 
She was so sweet!
I got to tag along with her to Scholastic's booth for the SINNER book drop
and then to Melissa Marr's MADE FOR YOU signing :)

Also, while waiting for Melissa Marr, I ran into... 
Danny of Bewitched Bookworms and Jenny of Supernatural Snark!
Both girlies also manage Kismet Book Tours :)

After that signing, I decided to take one last stroll around the floor and ran into BILLY IDOL!!!
*White Wedding*

Around this time, I managed to pick up a copy of Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld -
my day was complete! It was time to go home...

Until I ran into R. L. STINE!!!

And then I was definitely done!!!
I ended up leaving a little after 2pm and catching the 3:07pm train home, lol!

Goodbye BEA!!! Until next time :) 

Train ride home selfie :) with Little Elliot tote bag!

Now unto my BEA bookhaul ;)
I was very picky about what to take. I didn't want to take books I didn't know anything about, nor did I want to carry anything more than I wanted to, lol!

A few Young Adult books... 

I received all of the Harlequin Teen books in a tote during their breakfast that morning :)
For the other books, I waiting on lines for, except for Vampires of Manhattan and Afterworlds, I just happen to be walking by at the right time - lucky me!

- TALON (signed ARC) by Julie Kagawa
- MADE FOR YOU (signed ARC) by Melissa Marr
- SINNER (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3.5) (ARC) by Maggie Stiefvater
- GHOST HOUSE (ARC) by Alexandra Adornetto
- THE YOUNG ELITES (Sampler) by Marie Lu
- DEEP BLUE (Waterfire Saga #1) (signed HB) by Jennifer Donnelly
- THE IRON TRIAL (Magisterium #1) (ARC) by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare (MG)
- VAMPIRES OF MANHATTAN (ARC) by Melissa de la Cruz (New Adult)
- LET'S GET LOST (signed Sampler) by Adi Alsaid
- THE FIRE ARTIST (ARC) by Daisy Whitney
- AFTERWORLDS (ARC) by Scott Westerfeld
- INVISIBLE (The Twixt #2) by Dawn Metcalf

A few middle grade books... (1 children's picture book)

The author to Number One Sam, Greg Pizzoli, just happened to be signing next to Jennifer Donnelly, I spotted his book while standing on line and I just knew that I had to get a signed copy for my baby boy Sam :) His first signed book! It's SO adorable!!! I hope he grows up to love books just as much as his brothers and I do!

- THE 8TH CONTINENT (HB ARC) by Matt London
- HOUSE OF ROBOTS (ARC) by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
- THE QWIKPICK PAPERS: Journey to the Fountain of Poop by Tom Angleberger
- STICK DOG (Sampler) by Tom Watson
- TOTO TROUBLE #2: BACK TO CRASS (Graphic Novel PB) by Thierry Copee
- NUMBER ONE SAM (signed HB) by Greg Pizzoli (Children's Picture Book)



And that was my glorious BEA day!

Such a fun experience! It was so well organized and calmer this year - I had gone to BEA 2 years ago and it was so overwhelming and chaotic. And the publishers were even more welcoming and willing to talk and share. And again, seeing so many blogging friends and familiar faces, made it all even better!

Can't wait to go again next year... and hopefully last longer than just a few hours, lol!


  1. Really great recap and haul, I love seeing what everyone got from BEA so I can see what to watch out for! OMG you guys got TALON I am so incredibly jealous! I'm glad you had a really fun experience this year, sounds like you had lots of fun. and OMG RL STINE my childhood favourite writer!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  2. You know, this is the first BEA post I've seen that doesn't make it seem overwhelming! Thanks. :) How DO you recognize authors, though? I think I'd breeze right by them (probably bump into them...I have a tendency to do that) and not realize who they are. I'd also spend the whole time oogling upcoming books and making notes of them for later purchase/rental. But there are events, in addition to signings? What's the HQ Teen breakfast like?

  3. awh wow, it looks like you had a blast at BEA. That is so great!! I love seeing these recap posts. It makes me feel like I was there along with everyone else :)

    Happy Reading!

    My Weekly Wrap up Post

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  4. Love experiencing this vicariously through you - thank you! The Javits is so intimidating! I had to go there once for a conference & was completely overwhelmed. *High five* for trains & taxis!

  5. Looks like you had a great time...Sometimes it is so much better not to push oneself to get ALL the books and run around like a mad person!


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