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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grown-Up Sunday (is back!!!) #6: Sultry with a Twist by Macy Beckett

Happy Sunday :) 

Welcome to another "Grown-Up Sunday!"
This is my bi-weekly meme where I get to feature my favorite 'adult' reads (and reviews) with you!

This week's featured book is... 

(Sultry Springs #1)
by Macy Beckett
Release date: October 1st, 2012
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Adult Comtemporary, Romance
Format read: ARC


Welcome to Sultry Springs, Texas: 
where first loves find second chances...

Nine years after June Augustine hightailed it out of Sultry Springs with her heart in pieces, one thing stands between her and her dream of opening an upscale martini bar: a bogus warrant from her tiny Texas hometown. Now she's stuck in the sticks for a month of community service under the supervision of the devilishly sexy Luke Gallagher, her first love and ex-best friend.

If Texas in july wasn't already hot enough, working side-by-side with June would make any man melt. Luke wants nothing more than to strip her down and throw her in the lake - the same lake where they were found buck naked and guilty as sin all those years ago. 

In their heads, they're older and wiser. But their hearts tell a different story... 

You can read the first chapter to SULTRY WITH A TWIST 
on Macy Beckett's site!


He shook his head. 
"You're finer than a frog's hair split three ways."


~ Sultry with a Twist (ARC), page 40

"I was in love once." Trey leaned back and heaved a sigh. "Mindy Roberts. Couldn't stop thinking about her for five minutes. Damn near drove me insane. But that's not how I knew it was love - just thinking about a woman could mean anything."

"How'd you know?"

"She was the only girl I'd ever pictured having a family with. I could almost see our kids running around in the backyard. And the sex wasn't just sex; it was more. Like I lost part of myself every time. It's hard to explain. And scary as the devil on steroids." 

~ Sultry with a Twist (ARC), page 216


Macy Beckett's debut romance novel, Sultry with a Twist, is the perfect blend of heartache, drama, love and southern charm. Where fate has a funny way of bringing you back to where you belong... or to who you belong to.

Mae-June July Augustine couldn't wait to get out of Sultry Springs, TX and put all her memories behind her to start a fresh and control-free life. Away from her overbearing grandmother, the memories of her hippie parents and long-lost love, June is just moments away from finally owning her own business and living the life she's always wanted. Six weeks away from opening day, a surprise puts a wrench in her plans - before she can get the rest of her licenses and permits she has to go settle a warrant for her arrest in her hometown, Sultry Springs. As much as she didn't ever want to back there, she is so confident that this will be a one day trip and will be taken care of in two-shakes, considering that the judge has always been like an uncle to her...
Well, imagine her surprise while waiting to see the judge she bumps into her childhood best friend and secret love, Lucas. And seeing Lucas, not only brings back all those good old memories, the boy has definitely gotten yummier with time. She feels things that she hasn't felt since the last time she's seen him. But that was then, and everyone's moved on. And she's determined to not stay in town for another minute longer... at least, that is until the judge orders her to stay in town for 30 days to complete community service. And more specifically, stay and make amends with her grandmother.
And little does June know, Grandma Pru has things up her sleeve too.

Lucas, his story is such a tragic and sad one. I couldn't help falling for him too. He is overly caring and protective of everyone he loves - but he won't use that l-o-v-e word. He never did and is determine to never use it too. Sounds harsh, but once I learned his story, my heart melted and all I wanted to do was hug him and make things all better - it does help that he rarely wears a shirt while working on his charity houses.

Will June be able to show Lucas that he deserves love?
Will Lucas finally let his guard down and live the life he's always dreamed of?
Is Grandma Pru ever wrong? (Of course not!)

So many laugh-out-loud moments - especially with Lucas' work crew and best friend Trey. June is spirited and full of trouble keeping everyone on their toes!
Definitely a fun-filled romantic read! I highly recommend it!

Look for Sultry Springs #2, A SHOT OF SULTRY, in March 2013!!!

Welcome to Sultry Springs, Texas: wher home can be the perfect place for a fresh start.

For West Coast filmmaker Bobbi Gallagher, going back to Sultry Springs is a last resort. But with her career in tatters, a quick trip to her hometown might get her the footage she needs to salvage her reputation. She just can't let anything distract her again. Not even the gorgeous contractor her brother asked to watch over her. As if she can't handle filming a few rowdy Texans. 

Golden boy Trey Lewis, with his blond hair and Technicolor-blue eyes, is a leading man if Bobbi ever saw one. He's strong and confident and - much to her delight - usually shirtless. He thinks keeping his best friend's baby sister out of trouble will be easy. But he has no idea of the trouble in store for him. 

AND, Sultry Springs #3, SURRENDER TO SULTRY, in September 2013!!!
Aaaand, her YA debut, ALIENATED, under her pen name, Melissa Landers - 
expected to be released in February 2014.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Macy Beckett 

"Instead of a compulsive overeater, I call myself a compulsive over-reader, because my appetite for books is insatiable. While I enjoy all genres of fiction, I'm always drawn to romantic plots. There's no substitute for a happy ending, and let's face it: I'm in love with love!

A former military brat, I like to say I grew up everywhere. I graduated from high school in Munich (Go Mustangs!) and went on to earn a BA in English from Texas State University and a teaching license from East Carolina University. I taught middle school for nine years before "retiring" to write romance, and after residing in eleven different states, I finally abandoned my nomadic lifestyle. 

Now I live in the heart of Ohio with my very patient husband - who kindle tolerates my neglect while I'm penning a new book - and our three spirited children, who aren't so easily placated."

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  1. Oooh! Sounds like a book that is right up my alley! Thanks for the wonderful review! :)


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