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- SNOW & ROSE by Emily Winfield Martin

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blog Tour (Review and GIVEAWAY): LITTLE WHITE LIES by Katie Dale (YA)

by Katie Dale
Release date: December 9th, 2014
Published by: Delacorte Press (Random House)
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Suspense/Drama
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Format read: Hardcover book from the publisher.


Fans of Pretty Little Liars will be ensnared in this tale of deceit. 

The first time Lou meets mysterious Christian, she knows he is The One. 

But Christian is hiding a terrible secret. 

Why does he clam up every time Lou asks about his past? Why doesn’t he have any family photos, and why does he dye his blond hair black?

When Christian’s house goes up in flames, his tires are slashed, and he flees for his life, Lou insists on going with him. But as Christian’s secret is unveiled in front of the whole world, it seems everything he’s ever told Lou is a lie. 

Can what the media are saying about him really be true? Should Lou trust him? Or is she in grave danger? 

And what if their accidental meeting wasn’t an accident at all...?


Full of deception and intense emotions, LITTLE WHITE LIES doesn't hold back once the truth starts unfolding - it will knock you down, over and over again. Once you start reading this book, you won't be able to put it down... murder, love, lies, and complicated relationships...

Our dear sweet Lou has moved to start at a new school, with a new alias, to escape a tragedy that happened the year before. She doesn't want anyone to know who she is, not even her roommate. It seems that Lou is determined to start over - new haircolor, new town, new friends. Perhaps even a new crush?
Our aloof and dapper Christian is in no hurry to get to know Lou. Overly cautious, Christian keeps his distance and continues to make excuses, and pushes Lou away. But the girl is adamant. Where another girl would have given in to rejection, Lou is determined to figure out what Christian's story is, and how to help him. She needs to get to know him. And more importantly, she needs to know what his secrets are...
Little do we know that Lou is more than what she seems. Christian's life starts to unravel right before our eyes. And Lou is anxious to help him. But at what cost? And what are Lou's secrets? Is she running away from something? Or hiding? And what do they have to do with Christian?

LITTLE WHITE LIES is more than just its title - it is a huge web of lies! And everyone that discovers even the smallest bit of truth is thrust into the web and stuck in for good, until the very end!  The suspense and thrill of every fact was believable and eventful! I was second guessing every character on every page... all the characters are engaging and amazing too! It's hard to choose a favorite, they all fit in so well!

There aren't enough words to describe how well Lou and Christian's story unravels... 

Katie Dale's writing is captivating, intriguing and spellbinding! There is no way to predict the outcome of this story - everything just happens! If you're like me, too eager to know where the story is going, you will miss tiny little hints here and there. By the time I started to make any sort of prediction about any of the characters, things were unfurling right before me and taking a twist and turn for the worst... This is definitely a book for PRETTY LITTLE LIAR fans! A good mystery, drama and outcome! Read it now!!!

*A hardcover copy was sent to me from the publisher for the blog tour for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own.


TWO winners will win a copy of LITTLE WHITE LIES from the publisher!
Giveaway ends 12/30/2014.
(U.S. only!)


I love nothing more than creating characters - both on page and on-stage! 

I studied English Literature at Sheffield University, spent a year at UNC-Chapel Hill, followed by a crazy year at Mountview drama school, a national Shakespeare tour, and back-packing through South-East Asia. 

I love all genres, and am busily working on a variety of projects from novels to picture-books - whilst playing the odd princess/assassin/zombie in-between! 

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  1. Such an intimidating book. Lol. I'm a bit wary of books that spells, angst so I'm both excited and nervous to read this one!


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