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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday #12: The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by  

This is were we get to 'spotlight' books that we are anxiously waiting to be released! The ones that we are dying to get our hands on and read into the wee hours of the night and make our shelves look all pretty :)

by Lauren Oliver 
Release Date: October 2nd, 2012


"When Liza’s younger brother Patrick’s soul is stolen by the evil Spindlers, 
spider-like creatures who live underground, 
she knows she must set out on a heroic quest 
to the world Below to rescue it."


The thought of spiders creeping and crawling around in a book really gave me the {shivers!}

BUT, Lauren Oliver wrote this book!!! 
AND, these are spiders that are evil creatures who can steal souls?! Really??? 

A definite must read!!! 

Oh, and did I mention how much I love the cover too!? 

I need to know more about this book! 
And I wouldn't mind a few spoilers, because of the whole spider thing, going to need to be sure that these things aren't... nightmarish! LOL, yea, I know it's a middle grade book ;) but considering that spiders have even made grown men cry out, one can never be too safe! 

Can't wait!!! 
What are you waiting for??? 


  1. I'll read anything Lauren Oliver writes, and I also don't like spiders, but so, so excited for this one. Quite a dilemma. But yay Lauren Oliver! another MG from her!! gah, I can't wait. <3

    my WOW

  2. This book sounds great! a nice pick.

    My WoW, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/waiting-on-wednesday-30th-may.html

  3. THis looks like such a fun read and I loved Lauren Oliver! I hope I won't get too many creepy-crawly feelings from reading about the spiders in this! :)

  4. I'm a Lauren Oliver fan, and I loved Liesl and Po so I am definitely looking forward to reading this book! Great pick :)

    Check out our WoW picks!

  5. This looks really awesome! I haven't seen it around before. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I loved Lauren Oliver's Delirium but I haven't read Liesl and Po, yet. I'm going to read this as soon it is released. :D

    My WoW

  7. I enjoy Lauren Oliver's books quite a bit. This sounds like another great middle grade book from her! Great choice.

  8. YES! I'm super excited for this one as well :) I love Lauren's MG books (and her YA, of course) and I think the cover is just lovely for this one <3 Amazing pick this week!

    Esther's Ever After - Waiting on Wednesday

  9. I'm normally not so much into MG but this one sounds too cute to pass on !

  10. Cute cover and good pick.


  11. 1. I love the cover.
    2. I'm reading Liesl & Po right now and it's super cute.
    3. The synopsis sounds so much fun.

    Great pick! :D


  12. I am beyond excited for this one! My son and I are so eager to read it! Fingers crossed for an ARC!

    Check out my WoW!

  13. Lauren Oliver? Yay!
    Spiders? Nooo :(
    I'll have to read it when I feel brace :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    The Muggle
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  14. This looks like a really cute read but I've only managed to read Delirium so far, and I really badly want to read Liesl & Po. Great pick and I love your blog! :D.

    My WoW

  15. New follower, haven't heard of this book thanks for sharing.. http://sonythebooklover.com/2012/05/waiting-on-wednesday-59/

  16. GREAT pick! As soon as I saw the cover for The Spindlers a week or two ago, I knew I had to have it. So gorgeous, and that synopsis gives me the creeps - in a good way!

    I hope you enjoy it when you finally get it and that it doesn't give you nightmares :-)

    My WoW: http://www.blookgirl.com/book-blog/waiting-on-wednesday

  17. Whoa love the premise. Reminds me of the film Labyrinth.

  18. I haven't heard of this one! Spiders creep me out, but the cover is pretty. Maybe the spiders are pretty?? :D Cool pick!

    Jessica @ Books: A true story


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