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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Tour: Reinventing Claire by Darian Wilk (Review/Giveaway)

Good day everyone! I am so happy and honored to be today's blog tour stop for
Darian Wilk's newest release of Reinventing Claire!
You can go to Darian's website and find out more about the ongoing tour, a freebie,
and a sneak peek to her upcoming novel too!

by Darian Wilk
Release date: August 20th, 2012
Published by: Darian Wilk 
Genre: Adult Contemporary and Romance 
Format read: eBook ARC


People get divorced, but that's what happens to other people. That's what Claire thought anyway, until her husband, Charlie, tells her he wants a divorce.

Claire has no choice but to take on the title of Divorced Woman, and face the question she has no idea how to answer. Who is Claire without Charlie? Her family believes her newly divorced woes can be cured by landing herself a boyfriend. With her dating dunce cap in hand, Claire stumbles her way through the foreign territory of online dating.

A teacher from hell, a softball coach, and a sap later, Claire proclaims herself the dating idiot she thought she was, and fears she's doomed to be a lonely, crazy cat lady. But an accidental run-in with an old acquaintance might change everything. What starts with comparing dating battle wounds over a cup of coffee, quickly turns into something Claire had given up on.

As Claire discovers maybe there is love after Charlie after all, Charlie realizes his mistake. He wants her back, and he'll do anything to prove it to her. Now Claire must choose who deserves her heart, and if she's really willing to give it away again.

BOOK TRAILER - Reinventing Claire


Darian Wilk has done it again! With her first debut, Love Unfinished, she gave us the unforgettable couple, Emma and James, who had to find each other again to finish their love story. Now, using her authentic writing style, she has written another wonderfully paced story creating more enticing and unforgettable characters.

Claire has just lost her job, and within hours, her "perfect Charlie" decides to inform her that he's been cheating on her and wants a divorce so they could get married. Stunned and speechless, all Claire could think of was that this was 'her Charlie', the love of her life. This was the man and home where she was going to live the rest of her life. 'Her Charlie' was not incapable hurting her like this.
Or was he?

Claire's reaction and denial had my emotions all over the place. I felt like I was going through her breakup and divorce too. I wanted to reach into the book at times and give her a hug and tell her that it will be okay; while at the same time, I wanted to smack some sense into her and tell her to get over it, that she deserved better, etc. What I loved about Claire is that no matter how upset, sad or angry she was, she was never whiny, helpless nor needy. Yes, she had her moments, quite a few of her moments had me laughing out loud. But they were never unrelatable or unrealistic. Claire was so comfortable with her life with Charlie, she didn't know how to be without him to the point that she knew his dislikes and likes but had no clue as to what she preferred. She was lost. We've all been there before and know how shocking it can be when you don't have a crutch to lean on, to hide behind. It was quite refreshing to see Claire grow, learn about herself and become a strong woman. Even during her weakest moment and many mistakes, she always learned from them and became a better independent Claire.

I instantly fell in love with her large, exuberant and well-meaning-overly-loving family. They all reminded me of my own family. There is something so sweet to see grown women still call their father Daddy, it melted my heart every time I read them calling and referring to him like that. Claire's two sisters, Sam and Holly, were the perfect balance for her. Sam is the younger, promiscuous and loud one that never held back how she felt about the situation and encouraged her to start dating again. Meanwhile, Holly, is the older and married-with-children sister that would reign in the situation and encourage Claire not to give up on finding her true love someday.

So Claire takes her sisters advice and starts online dating. And a few disastrous dates later, she's ready to throw in the towel... until Claire bumps into an old friend. Mac. Mac is everything that Claire never had. Is it possible for Claire to trust and love again? Should she even try?
And then she bumps into Charlie. Charlie who is getting divorced and wants her back.
Yes, this is where I started to hold my breath too!

For all of us that have ever lost ourselves, whether in a relationship or elsewhere, Darian Wilk reminds us that it is okay to hope and dream of better things for ourselves. To remind us that we shouldn't lose or mold ourselves into what we think people want us to be. We have every right to take the time to figure things out, hold out for what's best and just be ourselves.

PS, did I mention that there is a character named Margie in this book?!?!
Claire hires an assistant, and her name is Margie! She's mentioned a few times, I got all giddy and had to show everybody since I have never met a Margie in a book before, hee hee!!!
Now you definitely have to read this book too!

And here's your chance to read Darian's first book, Love Unfinished!!! 
It's available right now on Amazon until August 24th, 


I'm a women's fiction writer, author of Love Unfinished and Reinventing Claire. I love the challenge and thrill of putting words onto paper, and forming it into a story. For me, the only thing better than that are my kids.

On the occasions I'm not engulfed in writing, you'll find me reading a book, either for fun or for review on my blog, Crazy Lady with a Pen. When I'm not reading, I'm spending time with my friends and family. Life is too short to pass those beautiful little moments life has to offer by, I want to soak up every moment I can. 


Enter to win a paperback copy of Reinventing Claire today!!! 
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Giveaway ends August 28th!

Thank you for stopping by today :) 


  1. Thanks for a great review and giveaway! This book sounds fabulous :)

  2. Oh! Great review! I haven't heard of this writer but I like the premise (and the cover is adorable). Thanks for introducing me!

  3. This is a nice giveaway. Good luck to all entrants.

  4. Thanks so much! I picked up my free copy of Love Unfinished.


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