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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Afternoon at BEA (6/6/2012)

Hi everyone! I actually got to go for an afternoon at BEA!!! 
It almost didn't happen, lol! Hubs was procrastinating the drive because of a lot of delays that were going on all over the Long Island Expressway, but we decided to brave it and just see what happens. We did good on time until we got to the Queens Midtown tunnel, lol! It is never fun to get stuck INSIDE of any tunnels, geesh! But once I got to the Javits Center, all was forgotten :) 

It was almost 1pm when I finally walked onto the floor... this place is freakin' huuuge!!! 
Saying I was overwhelmed is really an understatement! I didn't exactly have a plan, just a few notes as to what pubs/books were in which booths, and a few author signing times for just in case :) 

And by pure luck, this is who I found first!!! 
Marie Lu's signing was just wrapping up! I made it there just in time :) 
and the people at Penguin were so nice!
Marie Lu signing Prodigy! 
Next, I found the poster to Finale's reveal at Simon & Schuster's booth :) 
Finale (Hush, Hush #4) by Becca Fitzpatrick 
I met some really awesome people at Simon & Schuster, Egmont, Little Brown and Bloomsbury!!! 

I did some walking around and bumped into Captain Underpants :) 
My kiddos were so happy about this, lol! 
And I also found a promo for True Blood, I had to take a pic for my sister! 
Captain Underpants!!! 
For all you True Blood fans :)

At this point, I bumped into Katherine of The Lady Critic's Library! I had watched her YouTube BEA tips the night before, it was so cool to see her in person!

And then I found the Scholastic booth! and wow, they are the nicest peeps I have ever met!
I spent so much time in here! It was heavenly :)
Scholastic Young Adult 
Scholastic Middle Grade 
While I was waiting on line to see Jennifer L. Armentrout (gasp! I forgot to take a pic! sniff), I got to meet Sandy of Pirate Penguin Reads!!! She is truly one of the most sweetest bloggers I have ever met! I was so happy to have someone to chat and help me find my way for a bit :) Thank you, Sandy!!! 
AND, I got to meet Michelle Madow!!!
She is so sweet, tiny and pretty! I had a fangirly moment and had to get a pic :) 
Michelle Madow!!!
(Author of Remembrance and Vengeance)
I have to admit, I don't do very well in crowds and am claustrophobic, ugh, lol! but it wasn't too bad as long as I was able to keep moving and walking. However, there were TWO frightening moments where people just rushed around me and I just froze - the first time was when they started lining people up for the Rachel Ray cookbook signing! Within seconds the line was wrapping around all over the place...
and the second time, all I saw was people pulling out boxes of Fifty Shades of Grey next to me and women started to run over and were getting all pushy - I don't know if it was a signing or if they were just giving out the books, but whatever it was I just needed to get out of the way, and quick! ha!

I also got to meet Julie Kagawa!!! She was walking around before The Immortal Rules signing! 
Julie Kagawa!!! 
Julie Kagawa and Me :) 

Libba Bray signing The Diviners,
I did not get a copy, but I had to take a pic :)

Once Upon A Twilight :) 

I wasn't planning on going to the actual signing area, but Sandy told me about The Immortal Rules signing was just about to start and I just couldn't pass that up, especially after just meeting the author! While standing on line, I got to meet the lovely Fran of Books and Beyond! She was such a sweetie and kept us company while standing on line... also, while in the signing area, I got to meet Gina Damico and got a signed copy of Croak!... and Susane Colasanti was there too, and I was able to get a signed copy of Keep Holding On! 
Susane Colasanti signing Keep Holding On :)
I had such an awesome first time and am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to go and meet everyone, even if it was just for 4 hours! How do you all do it for 3/4days?! lol!

Good bye, BEA 2012! Hope to see you next year!

After walking out of the Javits Center, I met up with my Hubs who wasn't feeling very well. 
He was out by the docks all afternoon watching the Space Shuttle get loaded onto the Intrepid... a little piece of history  :)

After I found him we needed to just get out of the city and crawl back home! Ugh, traffic was horrendous, and with hubby not feeling so great, it almost became an interesting ride home... 
but in the end, it was so worth it :) 

I have some catching up to do, so please be patient with me! 
There were two reviews that were pre-posted for the last few days and it seems that blogger ate them up because they're missing (this happened on my other blog too, boo!), so I will be redoing those for next week! 
And yes, I did get quite a few books from BEA too - I'll be sharing those with you on a vlog I'm planning on recording sometime later today (Friday afternoon)! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week in books too! 
Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading :) 


  1. Oh My Goodness! Looks like you had an ultra fab afternoon!!!!

    Sounds like you had a blast being surrounded by all those lovely books and wonderful authors.

    And then to see the Space Shuttle... wow! Hope your Hubby feels better!


  2. I'm so happy for you that you got to go to BEA! I think it would be amazing, but I kind of start to hyperventilate just hearing people's stories - between the crowds and chaos and my social anxiety, it's like a catastrophe waiting to happen lol. Despite that, I'd love to go someday just to say I've been and to meet fellow bloggers and authors. Sounds and looks like a fantastic afternoon! :-)

  3. OMG what fun!

    What a great recap.


    I love the Hush Hush 4 cover. That's seriously hot.

    YAY for meeting Sandy. I've been wanting to meet her. She is SO sweet.

  4. Looks like a fabulous afternoon. :) I am hoping to attend next year... might take the train down with my hubby and stay the whole week.

    Any tips?

    I love that you met some amazing authors too - so jealous - Julie Kagawa!!! and Michelle Maddow is super sweet - I bet she is even more sweet in person. :)

    Glad you had a good day.

  5. It was really cool to meet you too, you & Sandy/Pirate Penguin.
    U 2 helped me find the Julie Kagawa/Susan Colasanti/Gina Damico's book signings.

    I had no clue these signings were even going on until I literally stumbled upon the line while looking for the Artemis Fowl signing (a random lady handed me the red ticket to that.)

    I was so lost at BEA. OMGosh I was like a kid in an HUGE candy store, wandering, eyes huge and full of wonder and awe..lolz

    I had great fun alone & wandering & hangin with u gals.

    I found a few cool hidden book signings at booths by getting lost.
    Despite arriving late, and a few crazy mishaps, my day at BEA was awesome!

    I am sad I did not get to go Thursday :(
    Next year I am there all 4 days and I am gonna have a plan of attack!
    Now that I got a lay of the land I can plan my signings/events a bit better.

    I felt your pain when you talked about the Rachel Ray signing! I was gonna try to brave it myself but by the time I got situated I was nearly trampled! lolz.

    I am sad I missed the DARK DAYS authors signings & 50 Shades of Grey too!

    All in all even though I missed a few things, and nearly got trampled in the name of Rachel Ray, it was still sooo much fun to me. I would of worn my bruises with pride! :D

    I got to see the Intrepid while the BEA shuttle was stuck in traffic and it was awesome to see the Space Shuttle on top of the Intrepid!

    I am glad u had a great time & I hope ur hubby feels better.

    Did your kids like the Captain Underpants pics and books?

    Oh yeah! I met the Tallest Guy in the world/Harlem Globe Trotter guy!

    I'm gonna go and say hi to a few other peeps. I gotta catch up on my blog too. Its been neglected since before BEA.

    Have a gr8 night & TTYL :)

  6. I'm super happy for you that you got to go to BEA, and thank you for letting me live vicariously through this post! :) I'm glad you got to meet Julie Kagawa - we found her to be really cool.

  7. Jealous! Meeting Libba Bray! and haha captain underpants.

  8. I'm glad to hear there is another book blogger out there that has issues with crowds like I do! I want to go to BEA, but keep thinking about the crowds of people. Maybe next year I will make it out there - but I expect I will do the "deer frozen in headlights" move when it becomes overwhelming! ;)

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  9. I was sooo worried about you and all those crowds. I know how crazy it can get . But I'm glad you made it through. And you got to meeet some amazing authors! Eeek! So glad you had a great time! It IS hard to go for 3 or 4 days, but its so worth it. By that last day your so worn out. haha I ususally sleep for 2 days after! LOL


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