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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Review of Zombie Love: The Outbreak by Eric J. Sobolik

Good day book friends!
It's February! and I am dedicating the month to all books that are 'in love'!!!
And why not start it off with a review... it's all about ZOMBIES and LOVE today!

Title: Zombie Love: The Outbreak 
Author: Eric J. Sobolik
Release Date: August 2011 
Age Group: YA, Adult
Publisher: Jericho Publishing
Available Formats: B&N Paperback (188 pages),
Author's sites
Facebook: Zombie Love: The Outbreak, Summer Strom's Page, Twitter: @ZombieLoveSaga

"Summer and Daniel are two star crossed lovers facing more than just warring families. 
After a zombie outbreak in their small rural town, the residents become hostages of a mysterious branch of their own government. Against constant peril, the Strom family tries to regain their old lives, while the mischievous and loyal Summer rebels against society and forcing her to decide what really matters; love or survival."


I have to admit, I loved this book! 
I am so very excited to have an opportunity to review this ZOMBIE book today!
I had only read one other, and let's just say, I wasn't sure that I could ever read another zombie story any time soon, lol! but when I received Eric J. Sobolik's request, I couldn't resist giving the whole zombie thing another try.  
Just look at that bookcover! Could you resist??? 

Love. What would you do for the one you love? How far would you go for it? 
To protect it???

The story starts out with 'the outbreak' - Sam, an egotistical doctor, has come up with a way to reanimate the dead. While Sam daydreams of all the awards he will receive for his 'accomplished experiment', he is rudely interrupted with the news that his controlled experiment has turned into a virus - one that escapes! and then runs amok in a small rural town... it's kind of intense, funny in an ironic kind of way, and I must say, a bit gross! I'm a girl, I get squeamish, lol! 

We then backtrack a bit and meet the star crossed lovers when they are toddlers to find out why they have never spoken to each other, even though they have been neighbors their entire lives...
We then jump to present day and meet Daniel first. Daniel is a typical teen boy with insecurities who daydreams and has a huge crush on the girl next door, Summer.
And guess what? Summer is a typical teen girl with insecurities who daydreams and who in return, unbeknownst to him, has crush on Daniel too.
Next thing you know, zombies are everywhere, Daniel and Summer have their 'moment' and then...
well, unless you want me to spoil the story for you, you'll have to read it. This book is really fast paced and when you're done, it almost feels like it was too short!

The writing is excellent! The story was a bit jumpy, it would go from what one character was thinking to the next sometimes retelling what was happening, I felt like I didn't have enough time to adjust in between, but I was okay with it. I feel like it was necessary, and I liked being able to see what everyone's was thinking about all that was going around them... and the characters seem to fall in love within seconds; but I think that may be because of their history together and after finishing the book, I get how and why Summer is so in love with Daniel.

The Outbreak is just the first in the Zombie Love series. I will most certainly be on the lookout for the next one - and hopefully we will be seeing that soon! It seems that Daniel and Summer may not be the only zombie love story out there! and who is this Special Agent Black??? 

Stay tuned!!!
An interview with the author, Eric J. Sobolik will be posted later this week!


  1. Hi. I found you on the Book Blog Hop.

  2. Hi, I am here from the Book Blogger Hop.

    It sounds like you really enjoyed this book about zombies!!

  3. Sounds like a great book. One I'll probably check out in the future.
    Tasha @ A Trillian Books xoxo

  4. OOH! Chills. I love zombie books, and if the writing is as good as you say I'll give it a try!


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