"To find out what a story's really about,' the Librarian said,

'you don't ask the writer. You ask the reader."

- SNOW & ROSE by Emily Winfield Martin

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Bumbles and Fairy-Tales Update!

Hello everyone!

It seems that I fell of the blog-o-sphere again, lol!
Truth is, between not having a computer/laptop since last November and trying to get in control of my anxiety issues - I just haven't been able to post any of my reviews, hauls, etc. It's not easy trying to do everything from an iPhone and small kindle... quite stressful and eye-straining. But, I'm happy to say that I finally have a home computer again - one that I LOVE! And I am really looking forward to FINALLY catching up! I can literally post a review every day for the next 3 months straight - that's how many books and notes I have written down, lol! I won't be able to post everyday, but I'm definitely going to try my best to share as often as I can - I really do miss blogging, so much!!!

I'm very thankful for everyone on Instagram! That's my favorite app and where I have been trying to keep up with the bookish world the most! (If we dont' already follow each other on Instagram, what are you waiting for??? I'm @thebumblegirl ;)

Other than Instagram, I have been reading, planning and writing! I never thought I would write more than poetry or short stories for myself, but I am attempting to outline 2 books right now... and I am in heaven! I'll probably share more when I have more of a solid idea as to where I'm going with my stories, etc. 

I hope you all are doing well! I miss you all so much!
I'm really looking forward to catching up with all of you really soon!!!


  1. Glad you're back on the saddle again, Margie!

  2. Great to hear that you're writing! I've always loved writing stories but haven't taken much time to do it lately. That reminds me that I should put it higher on my list of priorities. :)


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