Monday, September 14, 2015

Getting to know me and my creative things on Mrs Brimbles Blog today!

The creative team is being introduced on Mrs Brimbles' blog throughout the last week and more within the next few. It's my turn today!!! Please be sure to stop by Mrs Brimbles blog to meet the other ladies as well!!!

It's me, Margie aka The Bumble Girl.

Hello there! My name is Margie, (many of you may know me as The Bumble Girl around social media) and I am so very happy and excited to be here on Mrs Brimbles blog today; to share a little bit about myself and my creative ways!!! 

My current planner, fauxdori, project life albums and sticker binders.

I live out on Long Island, New York, married for 12 years now, and am a stay-at-home mommy to 3 wonderful, adorable, but sticky little boys; my family is my life! Without them, I wouldn't have the support and motivation to do the things that I love to do... I have always been a creative person; I was probably the only kid in elementary school that kept her crayons sharpened and in color order, lol! I have always drawn to the stationery part of the store. I had an extensive collection of cute pens, crayons, coloring books and small paper pads. I never left the house without pen and paper. I journaled and drew a lot as a kid and teen, and then got into pencil drawing and watercolors... once I graduated high school, I lost my way and didn't do anything creatively for a long time.

After my second son was born, my sister introduced me to scrapbooking and blogging. I loved it all and jumped right into it. But not for too long! Once I found stampers and cardmakers, I knew that that was what I wanted to do... I worked with quite a few small companies and design teams, and created many, many cards. I had also started dabbling in mixed media art... 

Greeting cards that I have created throughout the past few years.

 I then took a break from stamping and cardmaking, life has a funny way of forcing you to do things that you don't want to do, lol! But couldn't let go of the blogging part of it. I loved being able to connect with people. After a few months, I decided to create a new blog. And for the last 3 1/2 years I have been blogging and reviewing books! I figured, if I couldn't get creative nor be able to journal or write, I may as well do something else I was passionate about, and that was books. And while baby boy #3 was being born and brought home, I read and read and read... 

My beloved bookshelves.
However, earlier this year, the creative itch started up again! And I am finally at that point in my life where I not only have the support from my family, but also, found that balance where I know what my limits are and how much I needed to be creative again. 

I like adding 'Currently Lists' to my project life albums and planners, on a weekly basis!

For the last few months I have jumped backed into stamping and cardmaking! A few mix media projects are waiting to be completed... I also started Project Life! To me, project life is like journaling, but now, with pictures, and I love it! I have also been art journaling, making lists... And in the midst of all of this, on Instagram, I found people who were getting all creative and artsty in their planners!!! And I just knew that I had found my people; this is where I have found bliss! 

The first dashboard I ever created.
 Being able to mix all of my creative endeavors into one spot has brought me SO much joy! As you can see from the second picture of this post, I have accumulated quite a stack of planners and fauxdoris already... and I have 2 more planners and another fauxdori enroute to me right now, lol! 

I never thought that I would find something that would allow me to use all the mediums that I love to use and fit it all in one spot - stamping, journaling, planning, lists, coloring, etc.

The love and addiction is very real, my creative friends!!!

My newest dashboard using only products from
Mrs Brimbles September Personal Planner Subscription Box

A huge thank you to Anna, for allowing me the opportunity to be on her first creative team!
I look forward to working alongside all of these creative ladies, and cannot wait to start sharing my projects with you all very soon!!!

Instagram: @thebumblegirl
Twitter: @TheBumbleGirl 
Periscope: @TheBumbleGirl 

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